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So, I was in SF for a couple days last week visiting a close friend, and when I found out Lombard Street (dubbed "The World's Crookedest Street" by the Guinness Book of World Records) faced due east, there was no question I HAD to shoot it at sunrise. So the first morning I had the chance, I set out to get it. 

SF really is a beautiful city. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest taking a visit. Living in Chicago, we have a tremendous skyline that San Francisco can't hold a candle to. But while our skyline is relegated to one area, SF's topography sprawls across every street in every neighborhood - so it adds a kind of character that is inescapable. This all dawned on me (no pun intended) as my uber was struggling up the steep hills of some nondescript street heading north toward Lombard. 

For once, I was early, so I had a few minutes to think about the shot (I knew I needed the drone for this one - and it's a Phantom 4 in case you're curious). The fog was completely obscuring the sunrise in the distance - but based on the time and the color of some of the wispier clouds in the sky, I knew it'd be making an appearance soon. The fog is a funny thing in SF for photography - it can help make for some of the coolest shots, or completely wreck the idea you have in your mind of what the shot is going to look like. Case in point, the shot of the Golden Gate Bridge I tried to get the next morning, which no one will ever see, because it's terrible - just a white wall of fog.

ANYWAY, I threw the drone up and started popping off shots. It was a big hit with a few passing German tourists, and I think I may have scared the hell out of some people on a trolley car. Thankfully no one came out of their homes to shoo me off so I didn't feel to badly about buzzing their homes at 5:30am. 

The end result ended up doing what I set out to accomplish - showcasing two iconic elements that the city is known for between the fog and Lombard itself. 



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